Library Loot – 11/18/09

I was just supposed to be returning books, but apparently for that to happen it’d have to be after library hours and in the book drop.

Here is what came home with me:

The Best American Travel Writing 2009 – This collection of travel essays should work well for a lunch break book.

Blonde Roots by Bernardine Evaristo – From the inside cover: “What if the history of the transatlantic slave trade had been reversed, and Africans had enslaved Europeans?  How would that have changed the ways in which people justified their inhuman behavior?” Intriguing what-if premise.  I’ve read another book by Evaristo before and liked it a lot.

Defiance by Nechama Tec – This is a book about the Bielski partisan unit that fought the Nazis in World War II.  A movie based on the book and starring Daniel Craig came out last year.  I haven’t seen it, but the story interests me.

Something Missing by Matthew Dicks – A recommendation I picked up from a blog called Behind the Stove.

Storm Front (#1 of the Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher – I like me some urban fantasy.

Library Loot is hosted by Eva and Marg.


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6 responses to “Library Loot – 11/18/09

  1. olduvai

    I’ve come across Blonde Roots on my library shelves before, but wasn’t quite sure if I should pick it up, so I’ll be interested to see what you think about it. Happy reading!

  2. I remember when Blonde Roots first came out there was some really split opinions on it, so I look forward to seeing what you think. 😀

  3. Eva

    I hope you enjoy Blonde Roots more than I did-I thought it was an awesome premise, but the execution was lacking for me. What a great idea to read essays over lunch!

  4. I’m not surprised that there would be split opinions on Blonde Roots. That’s a heckuva premise to pull off. I’m more curious than expectant with that one.

  5. Blonde Roots sounds interesting. Great loot!

  6. Blond roots sounds really interesting!


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