Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Storm Front by Jim Butcher

2000. 322p. (mass market paperback)

This was a fun and quick read.  Harry Dresden is a wizard living in Chicago, advertising his trade in the phone book.  He’s also a consultant to the police on ‘weird’ cases.  When a particularly gruesome and obviously supernatural double murder comes across Harry’s plate, he finds that investigating it may endanger his life.

The story is told in first-person by Harry, and he narrates with a heavy dose of sarcastic humor.  The secondary characters are all right, though Bob the cranky spirit who lives in a skull in Harry’s lab is a keeper.   I’m not sure that this is a series that I will be pursuing with much dedication, but I’ll probably pick them up if I’m in need of a quick read.

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  1. Ah, one of the Harry Dresden books! I’m pleased you liked them- I’ve yet to try them out.

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