Library Loot: Week of Dec. 7th

Just three books from the library this week, as I still have some checked out from prior visits.

Now & Then by Jacqueline Sheehan is the time-travel book that I’ve been seeing a lot of around the blogosphere.  I skimmed the reviews because I didn’t want to know too much prior to reading the novel, but the reviews seem to be mixed.  I’ll have to see where I fall in that mix.

Banana Yoshimoto is a Japanese author that I had never heard of before I started reading book blogs and now her name seems to be everywhere.  So I’m starting with her book Goodbye Tsugumi.

And finally, there It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages: My Adventures in Second Grade by Mrs. Mimi.  This non-fiction book was in the new books section of my library.  Though I consider myself to be highly unsuitable for teaching children and thus never even thought of becoming a teacher, I am still intrigued by stories from the profession.   This novel is apparently based on a blog of the same name.

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7 responses to “Library Loot: Week of Dec. 7th

  1. I’m new to this meme, having posted my first one today! I’d gotten out of the library habit (mainly because of my huge TBR stack!), but it was fun to browse there and know it wouldn’t cost me anything!

    My loot is here:

  2. Eva

    That second grade book sounds like fun! I’m working on my elementary teacher certification now. 🙂 And I love Yoshimoto, but I haven’t read the title you got.

    • Best of luck to you with the certification! I really admire those who go into teaching as a profession. I actually first heard of Yoshimoto as an author on your blog, and then saw the book on someone else’s blog (which I can’t think of whose at the moment but I have it written down somewhere).

  3. Scott

    I mostly pick up books on cd for the car ride from the library. I just finished Ironheart (Charlie Fletcher) and Stargazer (Patrick Carman), and I’ve started a new series from the same author as Stargazer called Atherton.

    I find myself listening to juvenile fiction on cd because they are so much easier to enjoy without being distracted from the drive.

    I’ve also heard good things about Yoshimoto, so you’ll have to let us know what you think. My favorite Japenese authors are Murakami, Kawabata, and Soseki. Definitely check them out!

    • Ahh, I said Ironheart, I meant Ironhand! (Probably because a few weeks ago I read Inkheart?)

      • I haven’t done audiobooks yet but I may get into that with my commute next year.

        I really need to read some Murakami and picked up Near Dark yesterday from the library. I would have picked the Wind-Up Bird Chronicle but it wasn’t on the shelf at the time.

      • Wind-up-bird Chronicle is my absolute favorite so far. I haven’t read Near Dark, yet, so let me know how it is when you finish.

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