Library Loot

There are no book reviews between this library loot and the last one, which shows that I tend to bite off a little more than I can chew, heh.  EDIT: Apparently I cannot read my own blog.  Erin has pointed out that I did review Wonder Spot.

Still, this slowish patch in book-reading is partially due to my impromptu marathon of MI-5 episodes on Netflix Instant Watch last weekend.  Mmm, British television.

Anyway, I returned some books to the library (a few unread or abandoned among them) and picked up a fresh batch.

Here they are!

Abbeville by Jack Fuller – This one is for the Spotlight Series, which is spotlighting various independent small presses throughout the year.  The publisher for this round is Unbridled Books.  I don’t think I’ve read anything by them before. I wanted to read Taroko Gorge, because the cover and premise reminded me of Peter Weir’s great, creepy film, Picnic at Hanging Rock, but my library system doesn’t have it yet.  I don’t remember why I picked Abbeville when I put it on hold over a week ago.  Its premise is not usually my cup of tea: a man returns to his hometown after career failure and there are flashbacks to his grandfather’s life – a man who also suffered failure, but during the Depression.  I must have tripped across a review online that convinced me to give it a shot.

Generation Kill by Evan Wright – I’ve seen the miniseries based on the  book, and I’ve also read and loved Nathaniel Fick’s book One Bullet Away which overlaps Wright’s book in events and people.  (Fick was a lieutenant in the platoon where Wright was embedded during the Iraq war in 2003).  I like the idea of seeing the things Fick wrote about from another perspective.   My review of Fick’s book is here.

The Best American Travel Writing 2006 – I really enjoyed reading the 2009 compilation.  2008 and 2007 were not on the shelves, so I picked this one up.

Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs – This is the second book of the Alpha & Omega series.  I’m a huge fan of Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series, and Alpha & Omega is the (lesser but still interesting) spin-off series.  Hunting Ground will give me a Briggs fix until Silver Borne, the 5th Mercy Thompson book, comes out at the end of March.

Sunshine by Robin McKinley – recommendations for this book have come from several different corners, principally that of Erin, from Something Wicked This Way Blogs.


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21 responses to “Library Loot

  1. Erin Leigh

    My my! I see I’m not the only one staying up to all hours of the night these days 🙂

    Great idea to read both the Fick and Wright books. It will be interesting to see how the book compares with the mini-series as well.

    (yay for Sunshine)

  2. Erin Leigh

    Also, you are incorrect! You did review the short stories book…

  3. Olduvai

    Ok my comment isn’t book-related as I’ve not heard of any books in your loot this week. I just had to say: Isn’t MI-5 awesome? I’m on the tailend of the second season, also using instant Netflix. It just keeps getting better!

    • Yes, MI-5 is all sorts of awesome! And it has all of these British actors that I know from other films, miniseries and shows. Fantastic. I’m in the middle of the third season now. I’m liking the addition of Rupert Penry-Jones to the cast, both for his cool, competent character and for aesthetic reasons. 😉

      • olduvai

        Ok I had no idea who Penry-Jones is but after a quick Google, I have to agree, he definitely looks like a fine addition to the cast! 🙂

  4. I love Patricia Briggs but I haven’t begun this series yet. I have the first book on my shelf though so I need to get to it at some point soon. Enjoy your reads!

  5. Eva

    Looks like fun! I’ve never read one of those ‘Best American’ anthologies, but I always mean to, lol.

    I remember being really into MI-5 in high school, but I don’t think I ever watched past the first season or two! Maybe I’ll go put it on hold at my library. ;D

    • I don’t generally read the Best American anthologies either – the 2009 Travel Writing one from last year was my first, as far as I remember. Essay anthologies that are not single-author seem to be relatively under-reviewed. But then again, there are a lot of worthy books out there that deserve to be better known, so this isn’t news. Still, this may turn into my particular project – reading the Best American Travel Writing anthologies. We’ll see.

      MI-5 is definitely addictive – both season 1 and season 2 leave off on cliff-hangers, so I’d be surprised if you stopped watching after one of those episodes. I was waving my arms around frantically in suspense at the end of season 1’s finale. I wouldn’t be surprised if a person cut out in the middle of season 2 as it has a few weaker episodes.

  6. I recently discovered the Alpha & Omega series. I love it.

  7. i’m a freak for travel writing and look forward to at least a mini-review of this one! any chance?

    as for my library loot–right now i’m on my library’s ‘most wanted’ list for my overdue stuff. i have to return it all today. i’m a very bad patron but do manage to make some hefty donations to the library’s coffers with my overdue fines. 🙂

  8. Oh, enjoy Sunshine! I like it even when I’m not in the mood for a vampire book. 🙂

  9. I’ve only read one Patricia Briggs book and I liked it, but I wasn’t blown away the way I expected to be. One day I will read another one and see how I go with it.

  10. I have a Best American Travel Writing compilation (no idea what year) too and should get stuck in it soon. Actually, given the short nature of the pieces, it might become my in the car book as of today. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me of it.

  11. The Best Travel Writing collection and Sunshine both look interesting. Travel writing has always somewhat intrigued me. I think I would like to dabble in it sometime.

  12. I’ll look for your thoughts on ABBEVILLE, I haven’t read it. I have read a few from Unbridled Books – really enjoyed IN HOVERING FLIGHT (women’s/lit fiction), THE ISLANDS OF DIVINE MUSIC (a novel in stories) and 31 HOURS (fast-paced, excellent discussion group book)

    Enjoy your Library Loot!

  13. Jenny: Well at this point I have read, enjoyed, and reviewed Sunshine!

    Marg: The first book of the Mercy Thompson is a little too convoluted plot-wise, but the second book Blood Bound is better – very creepy and good.

    Kristen: It’s nice to have a book of essays because each essay’s end is a good stopping point. 😉

    Rebecca: My interest in travel writing has been around for years but I really feel like I’ve amped up my reading in it lately.

    Dawn: Thanks for the mention of the other Unbridled Books. I think I’ve seen reviews for 31 Hours but not the others. I guess I might see more reviews of them due to the Spotlight Challenge.

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