Teaser Tuesday – Ain’t It Just Grand?

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Basically, open the book you’re currently reading and share a couple of sentences from that page on your blog.   Avoid spoilers of course.

I’m currently reading The Best American Travel Writing 2006 anthology, edited by Tim Cahill, so my teaser will come from one of the essays in the book.

“Absolutely terrifying” is Litton’s favorite expression, a phrase he invokes several times an hour to describe everything from shifting weather patterns to the possibility that the six liters of Sheep Dip Scotch stowed in his hatch might run dry before the conclusion of this 280-mile odyssey through the rapids of the Grand Canyon.

from Kevin Fedarko’s essay, “Ain’t It Just Grand?” (pgs 77-78)


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4 responses to “Teaser Tuesday – Ain’t It Just Grand?

  1. Feel free to use my Tease Tuesday graphic if you like it. I just searched Flickr for a photo available with a Creative Commons license and added the extra text. The only thing missing on it is the link back to Should Be Reading but you can always do that with text.

    I like your tease. I don’t read very much nonfiction but this sounds interesting.

  2. It paints a pretty clear picture of Litton.

  3. I really like the sound of that book. I don’t often read travel writing, even though I enjoy it, because I don’t know where to turn. This anthology sounds like it’d give me a good idea.

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