I am so looking forward to this.


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  1. Mome Rath

    Did you ever make it to the Netherlands when you were in Europe? I think it would be awesome to see their fields of tulips blooming. Hope your winter ends soon. Who knows — by this time next month you may have cherry blossoms!

    • I didn’t get to the Netherlands, no. Only France and Great Britain. But I would love to see fields of tulips and all the different kinds of tulip colors. And I love spring in D.C. – it’s definitely the best season here, especially with the cherry blossoms!

      by the way, what is Mome Rath?

      • Mome Rath

        Well, Humpty Dumpty would say a Mome Rath is a green pig that’s lost his way from his home. If you trust Humpty Dumpty’s explanation of Jabberwocky. For my part, it’s got no particular meaning other than college memories. I didn’t realize until I posted that I didn’t type in my name as I usually do.

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