Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs

2009. 286 pages. Mass market paperback.

From: Public Library

For the challenge: 2nd Reading Challenge

In a nutshell:

Anna is a fairly new werewolf, still recovering from the abuse of her first pack.  Charles is the son and enforcer of the head North American werewolf.  In the first book of this series, the Alpha and Omega series, Charles and Anna became mates.  This series runs parallel to Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series.  In this second book, Charles and Anna head to Seattle.  The North American werewolves are about to go public about their existence and as this has worldwide impact, they will be holding an assembly with a delegation of European werewolves.  A powerful, belligerent French werewolf threatens the success of the whole assembly.  Amid this tension, mercenary vampires attack Anna and others who are with her.


Hunting Ground is definitely a stronger book than the first in the series, Cry Wolf.  The mystery here takes some good twists and turns.  Even when I figured out who some of the ‘bad guys’ were, I didn’t know the motivations or exactly what their part was in the unfolding events.

I really liked the relationship of Charles and Anna in this book.  In the first, they were still getting to know each other.  In Hunting Ground, though they still have stuff to sort out, they operate more as a team. What I most liked is that Charles wasn’t uber-possessive / protective, as sometimes romantic leading characters can be in urban fantasy novels.  He certainly reacts strongly when she is threatened but know when she can protect herself, and even better, when she can save him or others.  She makes friends among the American and European werewolves.

I especially loved the further exploration of Anna’s powers as an Omega wolf.  As Anna explains to another werewolf, “An Omega wolf is an Alpha wolf who is extremely zen.”  It’s fantastic to see her demonstrate her powers to calm and even command the Alpha werewolves in her vicinity.

The Alpha and Omega novels delve more into the global and national politics of the werewolves more than the Mercy Thompson series, and I appreciate the different perspective on Briggs’ world.  The Mercy Thompson series is still my favorite, mainly because of Mercy herself, but with Hunting Ground, I’m officially on board with the Alpha and Omega series.


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2 responses to “Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs

  1. Jennifer

    I was thinking about reading some of Patricia Brigg’s other books but wasn’t quite sure. Thanks for the review!

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