Checking in on Challenges

So it’s almost the end of March and a quarter of the year gone.  For (possibly only my own) amusement, I thought I’d see how I’m going on all those challenges I recklessly joined before the year began.

Roll call!

Valparaiso Poetry Review: 0/2

Flashback Reading Challenge (a re-read challenge): 0/6

Thriller and Suspense Challenge: 1/12

Colorful Reading Challenge: 1/7

What’s in a Name 2/6

2nd Reading Challenge 3/12

Memorable Memoir Challenge 2/4

Take a Chance Challenge 0/6

Biodiversity Challenge 1/5

And finally, my personal challenge to read 19 books older than myself:

2/19 (I actually have read a couple of other books older than myself, but for this challenge I am actually trying to read the ones from the original list.  If I’m desperate the other older books will substitute.)

So . . . heh heh heh.  That looks a little sad.  But it’s still March and I’m still optimistic and still interested in all the challenges, so it’s all good.  A lot of the books that I have checked out from the library slot into at least one of those challenges.  I’m working on it.


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8 responses to “Checking in on Challenges

  1. Erin Leigh

    I’m so surprised by the challenge numbers. I’d’ve guessed waayy different numbers.

    Yay, rah! Keep going!

  2. Do you have until the end of the year for all these?

  3. Love this idea! I think my progress on challenges has not been as good as yours though…

  4. Jennifer

    Go Christy go! With the weather getting nice you just have to buy a nice picnic blanket, walk or drive to a nice park with a couple books and snacks and you are set to booster those stats:)

  5. Jason

    You’re making progress, and it looks like you’ve read some great books this year. Do you think you might spread out your personal challenge for more than a year? Have fun reading!

  6. Erin – would you have guessed higher or lower?

    Scott – I have until the end of the year for all except the poetry challenge, which is in May, I think.

    Jenny – can I call my progress good? I would like to call it good.

    Jennifer – I know. I need to find myself a nice stretch of time to just read and then take it.

    Jason – I’m not sure. I think that if I wasn’t able to complete the personal challenge, I would still make sure to finish the list next year. Most of them are considered classics and so I do want to get around to them.

  7. Eva

    I actually think you’re doing really well! 🙂 I’m not paying as much attention to my challenge as I normally do, and I’ve fallen a *bit* behind. lol

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