Where I’ve Been

Before I start reviewing the books I read on my vacation, I thought I’d share a brief pictorial representation of my time in Vermont.  The weather was gorgeous throughout, sunny but not too hot, with just a bit of rain on Saturday.

My uncle, cousin and cousin’s baby went covered bridge hunting so we saw the below sign a number of times.  Six of the seven bridges we saw are still in use, which is pretty cool.

Covered bridge near Woodstock, VT

Another covered bridge near Woodstock, VT

View from the lattice-work of a bridge in Pittsford, VT

A cow on my relatives’ farm

My cousin and her son while at the farm.


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3 responses to “Where I’ve Been

  1. ahh.. i’m so jealous of your nice weather!
    it’s so hot and humid where i live ><

    that picture from the bridge is so beautiful!!
    i'm glad you had an amazing time there!

  2. I went to Vermont on a vacation a few years ago and we were able to cross the longest covered bridge in the world (or maybe just the US?). It’s a lovely state.

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