A Climate for Change by Katharine Hayhoe and Andrew Farley

2009. 206 pages. Faith Words.

From: Giveaway win from Bookfoolery and Babble

Recommendation from: Bookfoolery and Babble

In a nutshell:

Katharine Hayhoe, a professor of geosciences and climate change researcher and Andrew Farley, pastor and professor make the case for the existence of global warming and why action needs to be taken.  Their intended audience is mainly American Christians, though the facts presented would be of interest to anyone.


I was excited when I heard about this book on Bookfool’s blog and even more excited when I won a copy from the giveaway she hosted.  I’ve never really doubted the existence of global warming, but I didn’t know many of the facts about it either.  As a Christian, I have been frustrated to see many people of the same faith who seem to reflexively dismiss that global warming is happening.  I wanted to know more so that I could hopefully help people to reconsider this dismissal.

Hayhoe and Farley’s book definitely satisfied that desire.  The authors are always firm about the reality of global warming, but never condescending.  Doubts about climate change and the human contribution to this change are evenly and clearly addressed.  They seem to have anticipated a lot of the arguments and quibbles people might have with global warming.

I also really appreciated that the authors did not take shortcuts in their arguments.  When I came to the section where they explain why Christians should care about global warming, they surprised me.  I’ve seen Bible verses quoted about why we should be stewards of the Earth and that’s what I expected again.  But Hayhoe and Farley acknowledge that there is no explicit mandate given in the Bible for Christians to take care of the earth.  Rather, they argue that we should work to combat global warming because it is the wise and compassionate thing to do.  This is an example of the clear-eyed approach that is taken throughout the book.

The book is well-organized and includes many helpful graphs and images to support the text.  (It’s actually a very good-looking book overall.)  I know I will be referring to it in the future and already have plans of either lending my copy or giving a copy to others.  It’s just such a pleasure to encounter a book that so gracefully transcends the polarizing nature of debate that too often surrounds global warming and Christianity.

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4 responses to “A Climate for Change by Katharine Hayhoe and Andrew Farley

  1. Erin Leigh

    Interesting review…well great review, interesting sounding book 🙂

  2. Wow, good for these authors for writing this! For the first time this summer I’ve found myself at a church that actually seems to care about the environment – when we’re doing the prayers of the faithful, they pray about the environment nearly every week. It’s so refreshing!

  3. Jennifer (the sister)

    Need to find this somewhere…not in out amazing library for some reason or surrounding libraries.

  4. Erin – thanks!

    Jenny – that is really cool that the church does that!

    Jen – I’ll have to somehow lend it to you. 🙂

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