Challenge Check-in: June edition

Whew!  I can’t believe we are halfway through 2010.  As I did in March, I thought I’d check in with my challenges and see how I’m doing.

Valparaiso Poetry Review: 1/2

– This challenge ended on May 16th.  Thus this is a challenge I failed to complete, and I’m okay with that.  I used to read poetry in college, but the motivation is just not there anymore.

Flashback Reading Challenge (a re-read challenge): 1/6

Thriller and Suspense Challenge: 5/12

Colorful Reading Challenge: 2/7

What’s in a Name 3/6

2nd Reading Challenge 6/12

– This has been one of my favorite challenges to do.  It’s a satisfying feeling to “follow-up” with an author, see the similar themes between books, or the evolution in the author’s writing.

Memorable Memoir Challenge 2/4

Take a Chance Challenge 1/6

Biodiversity Challenge 2/5

And finally, my personal challenge to read 19 books older than myself:


I’m feeling pretty good about the challenges, and except for the poetry challenge, the motivation is still there to complete them.  So, yay!


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7 responses to “Challenge Check-in: June edition

  1. I don’t do a lot of challenges, but I do feel you on the poetry issue. I wanted to start reading some poetry this year, but I just can’t bring myself to. e. e. cummings is as far as I can go.

  2. Erin Leigh

    Whoo!! Go Christy! I’m just doing one challenge and am halfway through. I always seem to find the challenges about 6 months after they’ve started and then it’s like I missed the boat.

  3. Thats quite good, Ive really enjoyed the challenges Ive joined so far this year.

  4. That 2nd reading challenge is great – I will even go so far as to read everything by an author once I discover that I enjoy their writing.

  5. I think you are doing great and have a reasonable amount of books read and books left to read. I always overcommit in reading challenges. I should do a post like this too to see where I am.

  6. congrats on what you’ve accomplished so far. i think you’re in great shape for completing the challenges. good luck as the rest of the year goes on!

  7. Thanks all for the cheerleading!

    Lit Omnivore – I love e.e. cummings! I should have picked up one of his books for the challenge.

    Erin – yeah, I’ve come across other challenges and kicked myself for missing them, but I think I do have plenty at the moment.

    Jessica – glad to hear that you’re enjoying your challenges as well!

    Scott – I’ve thought about doing that maybe as a project for a future year – read everything by a particular author. I know I’ve seen another blogger who is reading all of Tim O’Brien’s work chronologically.

    Jenners – I don’t think I’ll participate in this many challenges next year. I like them, but a few of them I think I won’t do next year.

    toothy – Thanks!

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