That’s the way it goes sometimes

It may be quiet on the blog for a little while.  My internet at home is down and the technician is not coming until the 15th.  I will try and post when I can and keep up with reading other blogs as much as I can.  It’s very frustrating especially as this is certainly not the first time we’ve had internet problems with this provider at the apartment.  *shakes fist*

In reading news, I’m almost done with Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and half-way through Generation Kill by Evan Wright.  I plan to read Patricia Briggs’ Silver Borne after I’m done with Hunchback.

For my fellow Americans, have a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend!  I plan to go down to D.C. today and tomorrow for the concert rehearsal (today) and fireworks (tomorrow), and my relatives are having the traditional eat-lots-of-food time on Monday, which we all have off from work.  So it should be a good time!


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3 responses to “That’s the way it goes sometimes

  1. I hope your internet comes back up in a hurry! And have a wonderful Fourth of July! 🙂

  2. Jason

    That’s terrible — hope it gets fixed soon. Hope you have a great 4th, and say hi to your relatives for me!

  3. Speaking of books that “everyone” has read but me, Hunchback would definitely be on my list!

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