Teaser Tuesday: Jack and Rochelle

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme,  hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Basically, open the book you’re currently reading and share a couple of sentences from that page on your blog.   Avoid spoilers of course.

My quote this week is from Jack and Rochelle: A Holocaust Story of Love and Resistance by Jack and Rochelle Sutin, Edited by Lawrence Sutin.

When I think back, I’m not sorry for what I did.  I don’t think I could do it again now.  But at that moment we were all so filled with anger, anxiety, bitterness.  Seeing the enemy in our midst was all it took for us to explode.  We had been forced to live like animals and for that moment we became animals.

p. 143


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5 responses to “Teaser Tuesday: Jack and Rochelle

  1. Erin Leigh

    Honestly, you had me at Jack and Rochelle, and then I read the actual teaser and now I want to drop everything and read this.

  2. I’m with Erin. I’m actually at the library at the moment and am off to search the catalogue now.

  3. Wow – what a great teaser! I’m going to look up more information on this book. Bet it’s a good one…

  4. It is really an amazing story. I hope you find it at your library! I had to use inter-library loan to get this copy.

  5. That’s such an excellent teaser.

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