Read-a-thon Update #5

Well, I read for an hour and a half after my last post, and then at 8:30 I started making a late dinner.  My sister called and though I initially said I’d have to keep it short due to read-a-thon, we ended up talking for about two hours.  I had been having a rough week at work so the conversation was actually a needed emotional booster.  I felt better for it.

After the phone call, I checked on other bloggers’ progres for a bit and now I’m going to get back to Shannon Hale’s River Secrets which is as pleasing if not more pleasing than the first two books of the Bayern series.

Thanks so much for all the comments, by the way!  Though I am not individually responding to them as I am spending my commenting time on others’ blogs, I am really enjoying and appreciating them!

Total Pages read: 746 898 (I had forgotten to count the last half of Boo!)

Total Books read: 2 and 1/2, and halfway through current book.

Total Time spent reading: approx. 10 hours and 10 minutes

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