Search Term Bonanza, Part 2

So I am going to do a year-end wrap-up post, but not today as I had hoped.  It will take a little time, and I have a book that is due at the library tomorrow – a book for which I was on the hold list for a long time.  You understand of course.

So here’s a quicker post – Search Term Bonanza, Part 2.  Basically these are search terms that struck me as odd or interesting that were used to find my blog in 2010.  The search terms are in bold with my annotation below.

preference: the great gatsby or a handmaid’s tale

Because they are so similar?  What?

why is the hunchback of notre dame a tragedy?

A lot of main characters are miserable and then die.

haruki murakami i’m sorry

I like to think that this person really wanted to apologize to Murakami and entering the words into a search engine was like a test run.

i like undress on public river

Well, people will confess to just about anything in the anonymity of a internet search engine.

i’m a little face that is what

Or sometimes you can come off as just a wee bit unbalanced.

the rescue by nicholas sparkshow does it end

Reading this too fast, I thought it said The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks – does it end. That’s a bit telling on my part isn’t it?

castle rackrent briefs

Excellent idea: literary-themed undergarments!

a countess below stairs is anna ugly

This just seems kind of mean to ask.

high points in robin mckinley’s life

I’m sure one of them was being reviewed on my blog, right? heh.

a traditional christmas cd hedgehog

I gather this is something quite different from the traditional yulelog?

cranford thing culture

This one cracks me up because the person used ‘thing’ in a search engine, just as if they were talking to someone: “you know that Cranford . . . thing?”

burl ives santa iron curtain

See, now I want to know what possible connection there is between these terms.

random family bad review

wait, and my review of LeBlanc’s book showed up in the results?  😦

random family does not soften flaws

I wrote this exact phrase in my review of Random Family.  Someone looking to cite their source?  Hm.

joining the marines

I’m afraid my blog won’t be able to help you much there, except that I gave a good review of Nathanial Fick’s book, One Bullet Away, about joining the Marines.

adoration of toes

I’m glad you feel so . . . strongly about them?


And that’s the end of my round-up.  I’ll be looking out for more strange terms in 2011!



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3 responses to “Search Term Bonanza, Part 2

  1. lol, “cranford thing culture” sounds like something I’d try to search for. I’m miserable with remembering words! Luckily my family has the same problem, and we can normally figure out what each other is trying to say. (Psychic family link, maybe?)

  2. LOL! That’s gold! I must have boring searchers, all they want is free ebooks.

  3. Anastasia – it is funny how we can be vague or imprecise and yet people who know us well will know exactly what we mean. But search engines won’t of course. 🙂

    sam – most of my searchers are run-of-the mill. It took me a whole year to collect all of these weird ones.

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