Book Blogger Hop: March 5th

I haven’t participated in the weekly Book Blogger Hop in a while.  It’s a meme hosted by Crazy-for-Books, where book bloggers connect with each other, visiting each other’s blogs.

Due to time constraints, I have a limited list of blogs that I subscribe to, so it’s fun to roam outside of that group and see what other book bloggers are talking about.

This week’s Blog Hop question is: Who is your all-time favorite book villain?

I’m not sure I can pinpoint my all-time favorite book villain, but here is a favorite from my childhood: Ferahgo the Assassin from Brian Jacques’ Salamandastron.  Maybe because Brian Jacques passed away recently, this book popped to mind.  In Salamandastron, Ferahgo the Assassin was an evil weasel who plundered and killed his way through Jacques’ Redwall universe, until a climactic confrontation with badgers in a mountain fortress.  It was one of those cases where the villain is more interesting in his evilness than the comparatively bland good characters he is fighting against.  I remember being disappointed when one of Ferahgo’s clever schemes was quickly figured out by the lead badger.  I wanted the bad guy to catch the good guys by surprise at least one time.  It’s kind of the Sylvester-and-Tweety syndrome for me: I always thought Tweety was too smug and smirky for his own good, and wouldn’t have minded him having too close of a call with Sylvester.



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6 responses to “Book Blogger Hop: March 5th

  1. Hopping by! I need to re-read Brian Jacques. My favorite by him was Martin the Warrior, and I remember how very sharp and formidable the villains were.

  2. Tweety was smug and smirky! I agree. I actually thought it would have been no bad thing to have any of the Loony Tunes hunters catch up with their prey now and again. Wile E. Coyote could have caught Roadrunner a few times, and I’d have been just as happy.

  3. Beautiful header….lots of great answers this week too.

    I love this week’s question..Stopping by from the Blog Hop.

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  4. Jon

    Just hopping by. It’s always challenging to find a good stopping point.
    The Steel Bookshelf

  5. Good villain! I loved the Redwall books when I was in high school.

  6. wow, how interesting. I hadn’t even heard of this one. Nice choice!

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