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So, I decided to create a twitter account as a companion to my blog. I just kept seeing other book bloggers mention Twitter conversations and wanted to see what was going on. But now that I have my twitter account (my handle is @agoodstoppingpt) I don’t know quite what to do with it except lurk and read other people’s tweets. I am following almost 50 people, mostly other book bloggers, and about a dozen are nicely following me back. So tell me other twitter users, what do you like to use it for? What kinds of things do you tweet about and what kinds of tweets do you like to read? I would ask this on twitter, but I think I have more readers on my blog than on my brand-new twitter account.

My last bunch of books have been fairly quick reads. I read a coffee-table type book called A Day in the Life of the American Woman: How We See Ourselves which was a collaboration of many female photographers. All of the pictures were taken on April 8, 2005 and they capture a diverse group of women; they are diverse in age, race, religion, career stage, sexual orientation, marital status, family status. Each photo or set of photos is accompanied by a brief snapshot of that woman in that time of her life. Very cool. I heard about this book on Olduvai Reads‘ blog.

I also read the second Mouse Guard graphic novel Winter 1152. I liked how it showed more of the mice interaction with other species, and not just in a predator/prey relationship either. That said, the owl was pretty creepy as were the bats.

And then I had also picked up Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris which is the first of the Sookie Stackhouse vampire series. I never have seen “True Blood”, the tv show that is based on the series. Apparently before I worked where I’m working now, several of my co-workers had decided to read this series at the same time. Co-worker Kim confided to me that the books are her guilty pleasure but also gleefully told me how much more ridiculous things will get in future books. Dead Until Dark was definitely full of cliches, such as almost all of the male characters being attracted to the heroine, but Harris does know how to write in a way that keeps you turning the pages. There is a scene near the beginning of Dead Until Dark, where Sookie has been hurt so badly that she realizes that she is dying that was actually rather poignant.

Currently, I am reading The Enchanted April and quite loving it. I also have Dave Cullen’s Columbine out from the library and Jo Walton’s Farthing still out.

In non-bookish things, I’ve been watching season one of the show “Community” and it’s fantastically funny. I love the character of Abed especially, but the whole ensemble is great.

I have a discussion post in mind for this weekend, on the subject of sartorial description in books, inspired partly by reading the Charlaine Harris book.


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15 responses to “Twitter, Books Read, Looking Ahead

  1. Oh, I *love* The Enchanted April – and you’ve got a real treat coming up with Farthing. I got hopelessly hooked on the Sookie Stackhouse series, but found it went rather repetitiously downhill after the first couple. But fun!

  2. I just finished reading Susan Hill’s book about reading/re-reading her favourite books on her shelves, and she talks about the relationships that do/seem to develop between two adjacent books on those shelves; I’m having a good giggle over imagining the relationship between Sookie Stackhouse (in one of your paragraphs) and the gals in Enchanted April (in the next paragraph). 🙂

  3. I’m on twitter too. But I just tweet what I feel like. Sometimes I post my blog posts or other interesting posts I find. I love Community. I just started watching the second season. So funny.

  4. I enjoy Twitter for the chance to interact with blogging friends, but lately I’m not happening to be on there at the same time they are (or else we’re all lurking silently :)) But if I see someone tweeting something interesting, I’ll reply and we may get a little conversation going.

    I keep my own tweets pretty book-oriented. I have all my blog posts automatically fed onto Twitter, along with Goodreads updates. I’ll also sometimes ask questions about books I’m thinking of reading–or of giving up on. Or I’ll post links to good blog posts or articles. I follow a lot of bookish news sources, and I enjoy keeping up with news that way. One of the best ways to find good feeds to follow is to look through friends’ lists of who they follow. That’s what I did when I started, and it was a good way to get going.

  5. bibliolathas – That’s about what I’m expecting from the Sookie Stackhouse series. 🙂

    Buried in Print – After reading your comment, you had me imagining Sookie staying with von Armin’s characters in the Italian castle. They find her not quite what they wanted in a guest and Sookie’s telepathy is certainly not a benefit.

    Linda – Thanks for weighing in. I’m definitely looking forward to the second season as I’m almost done with season one.

    Teresa – I’ll try to lurk less and come up with something to say. 🙂 I’ll never be on Twitter during the weekdays b/c of work, but I’m popping in on the evenings. Yeah, my thoughts were basically to keep my tweets book-oriented since that is why I joined twitter. But my mindset about book discussion is still so blog-post and blog-comment oriented.

  6. I bought a copy of Columbine a few months ago with the intent of reading it, but just haven’t gotten to it yet. It’s weird to say I’m looking forward to it, but I am?

  7. I’m glad you’ve joined Twitter! I tend to post links of blogs/reviews I like, talk about my day, comment about books I’m reading. Twitter is sort of a “catch all” for conversation, and it seems no matter what I post there’s something to chat and connect with! Experiment–it’s fun. 🙂

    A Day in the Life of the American Woman sounds amazing. I love photography and the topic is wonderful too. I’ve also thought about trying out the Sookie Stackhouse series. I met up with a friend of mine from graduate school this weekend and we chatted about the series for a bit.

  8. olduvai

    I’ve been on Twitter for a while, but I’m not exactly active there. I do feed my Goodreads ‘currently reading’ list there though.

    Oh and I’m glad you picked up A Day in the Life of the American Woman! It has great photos.

    As for Sookie Stackhouse – I watched the series and then decided to check out the books, and only read the first one. I guess having watched the series, I was more used to their interpretation of it?

  9. Andi – I think “experimenting” is just about the only way to go about it, to see what niche Twitter fills for my social networking.

    Olduvai – I did notice in a lot of reviews of Dead Until Dark that those readers who had watched True Blood before reading the series, were usually lukewarm about the books and usually preferred the show..

  10. I agree with you about Twitter. I’m on there too (@amyrabbitt), but seem to hardly do anything with it except talk to my step-daughter away at college. I do post links to my infrequent blog posts at I’ll find you and follow you and expect to see many erudite tweets soon 🙂

  11. Twitter is good to let people know that you have posted something on your blog and I also use it to share articles I like, usually from the Books section of The Guardian which I read regularly. Its also supportive to tweet another bloggers post that you like, like I could tweet your post here (have you turned on sharing buttons?) and while its no guarantee, it just increases the profile of your blog and lets more people know about it.

    Because we blog about books it makes sense to follow others who love books too. And then there’s just the fun of it, hanging out with people and picking up on all the trivia thats out there, or contributing to it if you feel so inclined. It took me a long time to embrace it, before I had a blog I couldn’t see the point, but now I really get it.

  12. Amy – Hah, and since this post, I’ve barely gone on Twitter at all! Sorry for the lack of the erudite tweets. 😉

    Claire – I’ll have to look into the sharing buttons, thanks for sharing your own experience of it!

  13. Hello, nice to meet you – clicked over from Eva’s Compendium post.

    Twitter is fun but it takes some getting used to. When it is the most fun is when a few fellow twitterers brainstorm ideas or when discussing books in a readalong. I often use it for a quick ‘”HEY!” response to a comment or answer a question for those that I know are on twitter often. But it often feels like wandering into a party, looking around to see if you know anyone and if you don’t, it feels so lonely. Goodreads and Twitter are my two favorite places to ‘play’ when not at my blog. It is weird tho, it seems my main twitter friends rarely visit my blog (and vice versa).

  14. Care – Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I don’t think I’m especially bitten by the Twitter bug – yet. I’ve rarely felt like going on it lately. But it’s good to know that it can take some getting used to.

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