Bands I’ve Been Listening to Lately

It’s possible that I may love music more than I love books. (But of course I wouldn’t do without either if I could help it.) However, I rarely write about music because I feel that I don’t have the terminology or breadth of knowledge to discuss it in a way that people would understand. Musical genres and subgenres confuse me and seem to be more important to music reviews than genres are important to book reviews. Also, my musical knowledge has significant gaps. I couldn’t tell you who influenced who or what other bands share the same territory as this one band. But I do love to share music with others, and the best way I can find is just to have them listen to it.

So, with that said, here are two bands I’ve been enjoying lately. The first is a band called Tennis. I’ve only heard the songs from their new album Young & Old.

And the other band is The Silver Seas. The album I own is called Chateau Revenge! which is just a cool title. Both bands have a retro vibe, especially The Silver Seas.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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  1. I could totally have written something very much like your opening paragraph. Music is so important to me, yet all my attempts to write about it result in frustration. Both of these bands are new to me – thank you for sharing!

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