Crossover episode

Eva of A Striped Armchair has started a lovely feature where she recommends books to readers who email her a list of her favorites. I had emailed her soon after she announced this, and today she posted her recommendations to her blog! Unfortunately, I have discovered today that my comments are not showing up on other WordPress blogs, so my expression of joy on her blog has been frustratingly thwarted from public appearance. So I’m just throwing up this little post to say thanks! I’ve only read two of the recommendations (Purple Hibiscus and Their Eyes Were Watching God) so there’s a bunch of books that I’ve now added to my to-read list now!

[Edit: commenting problem solved. I’d somehow recently ended up on Askimet’s spam list, but I’ve contacted them and they have said they have fixed it.]


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2 responses to “Crossover episode

  1. Eva

    Sorry you were having trouble commenting today! But I’m happy you enjoyed the list. 🙂

  2. just read your email. I’ve probably deleted your comments as I empty the spam without looking at them. Hopefully you can comment now!

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