My Woman in White readalong join-up post

So when Eva of A Striped Armchair recommended that I read Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White in her Most Particular Compendium post, several people commented that I should join the April readalong hosted by Reading Rambo.  That was the first that I’d heard of Reading Rambo’s blog and I’ve clearly been missing out, because aside from the fantastic title, Reading Rambo is a great snarky blog, liberally sprinkled with apropos gifs.

Anyway, so the readalong starts today and I’ll be joining in on the weekly posts and hopefully keeping up with the readalong schedule. It’s a bit of a Victorian tome. Eva recommended the book to me based on my love of Dickens’ Bleak House and Our Mutual Friend. I haven’t read any Wilkie Collins before, though he was Dickens’ contemporary. I actually don’t remember what The Woman in White is about, although I’m sure I’ve read reviews of it in the past. All I know is that lots of people love it.

But this is what the back of the book says:

Generally considered the first English sensation novel, The Woman in White features the remarkable heroine Marian Halcombe and her sleuthing partner, drawing master Walter Hartright, pitted against the diabolical team of Count Fosco and Sir Percival Glyde.

So sensation and diabolical villains! I’m all for it.

Also, for others who are doing the readalong, I’m thinking I may throw out thoughts as I’m reading onto twitter. I haven’t really used my twitter account much, but I think that it might be fun in a readalong situation. So if other readalong participants are going to tweet, let me know so I can follow you if I am not following you already.


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8 responses to “My Woman in White readalong join-up post


    I have feeeeeelings about Our Mutual Friend, but I have nicer feelings about Bleak House, which is the best ever.

    This shall be a rollicking good time. I have declared it so.

  2. Eva

    Yay! I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 I’ve just begun Armadale, which is my last Wilkie chunkster (I’ve been hoarding it for a couple of years, hehe) & it’s so awesome. I ❤ Wilkie!

  3. Jason

    Oh-ho — you’ve found Reading Rambo! Alice does write very entertaining posts, and her last read-along was a blast to follow (especially since I rather liked Norwegian Wood). The Woman in White is a hefty tome, but the plot keeps moving and there are a lot of well-written characters. Hope you enjoy it!

  4. WAIL. I really want to do this but my copy of The Woman in White — which has these wonderful watercolor plates — is far far away from me. Argh. Next time.

  5. Fun! I started reading this one through a service that e-mails an excerpt a day, but at some point I stopped the deliveries and then never started out again, which was silly because up to the point I stopped it was really good!

  6. I am guessing that once you get into Woman in White you won’t be able to stretch it out for the whole month. Despite being a huge doorstop, you will get to the point where you can’t put it down.

  7. Count Fosco! Has there ever been a greater villain name?

  8. Alice – Would those feelings have to do with a Miss Bella Wilfer by any chance?

    Eva – Thanks again for the recommendation. I’m enjoying Woman in White already!

    Jason – Yeah, I think you were one of the ones who mentioned the readalong to me. I am finding Woman in White to be an engaging read so far, and it is divided oh so nicely into tiny chapters, thanks to it being a serial first.

    Jenny – I’m sorry that you won’t be joining us! Your copy sounds lovely.

    Kim – What an interesting service! And you shouldn’t leave yourself hanging like that, with Woman in White incomplete! (I say this as someone who has read only a third or less of Tale of Two Cities, liked it, but had to return it to the library as I was leaving town and have never finished it.)

    Thomas – Hm, good to know. I wouldn’t be surprised if I did read it quicker than the appointed month.

    Kayleigh – it is pretty catchy.

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