Mouse Guard Fall 1152 by David Petersen

2007. 192 pages. Hardcover. Archaia Studios Press.

From: the public library

Recommendation from: Tales of Capricious Reader

In a nutshell:

In Petersen’s world, mice live in a collection of communities scattered throughout a region.  Guard mice are responsible for keeping travelers and traders safe as they journey from community to community.  This graphic novel follows three guard mice, Lieam, Kenzie, Saxon, as they try to track a traitor.


The book is geared toward a younger audience, and the story is interesting, but not novel.  The setting and characters remind me a bit of Brian Jacques’ Redwall books that I read growing up.  But the main reason I picked up this graphic novel is because I saw the drawings from another blogger’s review and the mice were so cute!  They are fierce and wield swords and yet you still want to pet them on the head.

The book resolved the main storyline but definitely set the reader up for the sequel graphic novels, which I will probably read.


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5 responses to “Mouse Guard Fall 1152 by David Petersen

  1. I’ve thumbed through the first half of this, which I quite enjoyed. You’re very right- it reminded me of Redwall, too!

  2. The drawings are fantastic!

  3. Haha! Those mice are so funny and cute. I want to read this just to see the mouse-ies.

  4. Jennifer

    I just finished reading this Christy – and you are right they are so cute and yet so fierce. The library has a couple more books after this one – I might read more – and yes they definetly reminded me of what I thought the mice looked like for Redwall. However there were no mouth-watering banquet descriptions;)

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