Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Hey, it’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week!  I unfortunately do not have time to write a long post today, but today’s invited topic is:

For those of you who participated in BBAW last year, what’s a great new book blog you’ve discovered since last year’s BBAW?
For those you new to BBAW, what was the first book blog you discovered?

As I started blogging in November 2009, I am new to BBAW.  I actually started reading book blogs regularly as a result of the BBAW 2009 awards, which had been spotlighted in an American Library Association newsletter.  I started subscribing to some of the award nominees and winners, including A Striped Armchair, books i done read, Sophisticated Dorkiness, among others.  I see other winners/nominees from last year whose blogs I currently subscribe to, but I’m not 100% sure I subscribed to them right after reading about the award winners.

Probably Eva’s blog, A Striped Armchair, did the most to compel me to start blogging myself.  I love her Library Loot vlogs!  Additionally, the blogrolls of various bloggers led me on a merry blogroll click-fest throughout the book blogosphere to find other new blogs.  The sense of community was strong and that was the main reason I decided to start blogging myself.


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5 responses to “Book Blogger Appreciation Week

  1. This was the first book blog I discovered! Along with it, I really just read a few others regularly – Erin’s (Something Wicked This Way Blogs), Kim’s (Sophisticated Dorkinees) and the LA Times Literature Blog.

  2. Eva’s blog is wonderful; she was one of the first blogs I found. I started The Literary Omnivore a few weeks after BBAW last year, so this is the first year I get to play along. It’s fun, isn’t it?

  3. I didn’t know your blog was so new! I feel like I’ve been reading it for much longer than not-even-a-year.

  4. Jennifer Benson

    Well I have to admit yours is the first blog I have followed for more than a month;) Most bloggers do not stick to their mission/topic/purpose of their blog and can get droll, so you have made me a blog believer again so that I follow several more now.

  5. Scott – hey, I saw that Kim featured you on her blog recently, which was really cool. 🙂

    Lit Omnivore – Oh, that’s right, our blogs are almost the same ‘age’! It’s been fun to participate in BBAW, even if not to the full extent possible.

    Jenny – It does seem like a long time ago when I started the blog, in some ways – I feel like I’ve been reading your blog for longer too.

    Jen – well, yay! It’s been so fun to know that you read my blog regularly.

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