Teaser Tuesday

King Kade laughed, a bubbly and breezy sound.  “You amuse me.  I can see why the devil kept you.  Maybe I will choose to keep you for myself.  I shall place you in a gilded cage instead of an engaging parrot and have you entertain me with witty remarks.  Approach me, warrior.”

“Prepare to die, fool,” Fatima replied.

from Rabih Alameddine’s The Hakawati, p171

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB over at Should Be Reading.


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3 responses to “Teaser Tuesday

  1. Funny! I’ve heard great things about The Hakawati. Happy reading.

    • Thanks! I need to get moving on reading The Hakawati as I’ve already renewed it once from the library and it’s due next week. I’m definitely enjoying it, but I haven’t even reached the part I’ve quoted above yet.

  2. That is certainly an interesting teaser 😛

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